Where in the World are Jon & Jessica?


We are in a fun new spot, so we thought we would play… Where in the World are Jon & Jessica?

Here are your clues:

We are off to the highest elevation capital city in Europe at 3,356 ft (1,023 m) above sea level.

This country and city have the same name.

The country has two co-princes, the Spanish Bishop and the French President.

And the official language is Catalan.

Cool fact, the people in this country have the 7th highest life expectancy in the world – 82 years of age!  (For those of you that are wondering, Australia is 8th at 82 years, UK is 27 at 80 years, USA is 37 at 79 years and if we needed anymore reason to love Italy it comes in 4th place at 82 years!)

Place your guesses by commenting below or on Facebook.

Happy Guessing!


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