Thank you to our fans!

thank you

We want to give a big shout out to our biggest fans and followers!  We have been thinking about it for awhile now and want to thank you for reading and following our journey.  We had some challenges in our journey recently and there were some mornings that getting up and blogging was a struggle, but all of the love and support from you is what helped get me to the computer to write.  For which I am thankful, because I really do love blogging.

We want to give a special shout out to a few people that are unwavering in their support, by commenting almost daily and sharing our journey enthusiastically on Facebook.

Biggest Blog Commenters:  

Johan– If you read our blog you know about the amazing spirit of our guardian angel Johan.  We literally get notes from family and friends telling us how much they adore all of his comments.  His comments constantly bring a smile to our faces and many of our readers.

Sharon– Also known as Mom.  Sharon and her hubby, Tim, adopted Jon on his first trip to Pinehurst.  She and Tim also lead a life of adventure and they are a constant source of inspiration.

Carol- She has been there from the start with comment love.  She is also a blogger and knows how great it feels to get comments.  Getting comments is like that feeling of getting a letter in the mail as a kid…very exciting!

Biggest Facebook Supporters:

Rebecca- Even when it seems like no one is reading our blog, Rebecca is there with comments and giving us that famous, thumbs up sign on Facebook.  There is hardly a day that goes by without some love and support from Rebecca.

Elaine– Just happens to be my aunt and the best aunt anyone could wish for.  She literally shares every single post we make with all of our Facebook friends.

Bonnie- Even when she is not well and in the hospital she is liking our posts and pictures. She is following our journey and continuing to support us even when things get tough for her.

Special Gift

We want to give a special GIFT to our biggest commenters and Facebook supporters, as a thank you, for supporting us daily.  Choose any picture we have taken that you have enjoyed so far along our journey.  It can be from Snapshot Saturday, from any post, or one from Facebook.  Let us know which picture is your favorite and we will have it printed for you to enjoy.  Send us a private message on Facebook or an email and we will arrange everything for you.

We know there are many of you that read and don’t comment and we thank you for following as well.  And we love comments, so thank you to those of you that surprise us with some comment love every now and then, it means more than you know!  And for those of you that comment more regularly, please don’t feel left out, we love you too, and just may do this again 😉

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