Motivational Monday: Dreaming

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First off we would like to thank everyone that read and commented on our post yesterday.  The comments were so heartfelt and full of love, we can’t thank you enough.  Before I posted yesterday, my heart was racing, I was beading up with sweat and even made Jon push the publish button with me.  So thank you for all the love, it made publishing a part of my soul, our story, much easier.  The best part was hearing how many of you are inspired to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest.  That is our goal and we are happy to be on this journey with you all.

I found this quote and thought it worked perfectly with what I said yesterday “The sense of security or fear is often what keeps us stuck, but security and fear are merely illusions.  Living your dream is so much more fulfilling.”  Dreaming is definitely not safe for the illusion of control, but it is so powerful for our soul.  What is your dream?  Do you want to travel to the next village, to the next town, to the next country?  Do you want to start a company?  Do you want to paint, to draw, to photograph the beauty of life?  Do you want to write, journal, become published?  Do you want to live somewhere new?  Do you want to practice yoga, meditation, Tai Chi?  Do you want to allow yourself time to nap, read, be creative?

What is your dream?  We would love to hear from you!

And in continuing being vulnerable for all of you.  My dream is to teach holistic medicine, nutrition and a course on inspiring young people to live their dreams for Florida State University in Florence, Italy.  And maybe, just maybe, write a book….

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