Girls just want to have fun!


I love spending all my time with Jon, my love language is quality time, so I am in heaven right now.  In the same token, I miss quality time with my girlfriends.  There is something special about long walks just talking about life, with your girlfriends.

So it was perfect when the girls decided to be goofy, put on silly hats, crank up the tunes and dance around the house.  Something best done with girlfriends!

Depending on which decade you know me from, you either know me as a wild child or a serious introvert.  So dancing around the house, pretending I still had some ballet moves in me, was the most I have let loose in years.  Yes, there was some wine involved, which is another thing I haven’t over indulged in for a long time either.

The nice thing about turning 30 is coming into yourself.  I feel like it is  a decade of finding the balance.  How can you enjoy a glass of wine, have fun, but not over do it?  How to find your voice to stand up for yourself, but still be polite?  How to have a strong spiritual practice, without being uptight.  These are lessons I am learning.  How to enjoy more out of life, because it can be amazing if you let it!

Any girls out there that want to chime in?  Share a story? Or give some advice?  Let’s see if we can have “virtual” girl time!  Guys you are welcome too :)


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