Transitioning back…

Transitioning back has been an interesting combination of sensations.  For me it took awhile to feel grounded, almost like I was floating through the days, feeling slightly disconnected from what was happening around me.  Jon, on the other hand didn’t have that experience at all.  He told me he felt so complete with our journey that he was ready to be back and most of all excited to get working.  This may seem strange to most, wanting to work!  But Jon has earned most things in life by working hard, including starting his own lawn business in the neighborhood at the age of twelve.  So, the fact that I got him to stop working for the first time in his life since twelve, was pretty remarkable!

The strangest part, which was a surprise to both of us, was how fast it all seemed to happen.  How can traveling Europe for almost a year, seem to happen in a flash!?   So much so, it seemed like we hadn’t even left!

The other shocker was how nothing changes.  When personally you have a huge growing experience, you expect other things to change too.  But it doesn’t seem to be the case.  When doing everyday tasks, like going to the Farmer’s Market in Sarasota, we saw the same people, the vendors were all in the same spot, it was as if we just picked right up where we left off…and we left Florida 4 years ago!!!

Things also happened really quickly on our return.  I went from a daily “job” of blogging and traveling, to a career in teaching within a few days of coming back.  When we were in Switzerland I applied for a position as adjunct faculty at a local University in my speciality of alternative medicine.  We got back to Sarasota over the weekend, I interviewed Monday morning, was hired on the spot and started the following Monday!  Hello, welcome back to fast paced America!!

Overall, the transition back has been much easier and smoother than either of us expected.  I think when you travel somewhere new every few weeks, you learn how to adapt to all types of situations.  If you leave the U.S. and stay in one place for a long time, it would probably be more challenging.  So we are adapting and moving forward…on to the next chapter of the adventure.


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