Random Observations


Here are some random observations of life back in the good old                                              U.S. of A.


For those of you that don’t live in the southern states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or Tennessee, we have a very popular grocery store called Publix.  It pretty much feels like you are walking into Disney Land, with bright lights, an abundance of colors and just about any item you could imagine wanting to purchase.  We walked into the store and both stopped in our tracks with our eyes wide and our mouths hanging open slightly…how is it possible to have so much to choose from?  After only buying fruits and vegetables that were in season, in markets that were about 300 square feet total, it was hard to imagine you could buy any produce you wanted, no matter what time of year it is in Florida.



One thing we are missing is quality news.  Daily news in Europe is actually world news.  We learned more about the U.S. abroad than we ever learned here and that is due to awesome world news abroad.  After trying multiple channels on our return, we realized we were completely clueless about what was going on in the world within a few weeks.  Thank goodness for Apps on the iPod, the Brits and the Qatari are keeping us informed on what is happening here and around the world.  I know this is a politically associated topic in the U.S. maybe that is part of the problem…



BE THANKFUL for toilets that flush!  Jon teased me for this, but I just have to tell you this is the first thing I was really excited about and noticed on our return, toilets that flush immediately.  I know this seems crazy, but it is the little things in life!  Being able to simply push the handle and walk away, is something we haven’t been able to do for 9 months.  In Europe you have to hold the button or handle down the entire time, and you are lucky if you don’t have to flush more than once!  Just say’n!


We have some more heartfelt observations to share, but I was feeling the randomness this morning, bear with me :)


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