You Don’t Have to be Rich to Travel the World


One of the first assumptions people make when we say we are leaving our jobs and traveling Europe for a year, is that we are rich.  We are rich in many things, but I assure you we have a very limited budget for next year.

Living in Europe has been my dream since I studied abroad with FSU in London with two of my best friends.  There have been various times I have tried to convince Jon we should move to Italy, but he always wanted a plan, which is where I fell short.  Until one day when I was researching online and found the WorkAway site.  The workaway site links travelers with hosts.  In exchange for 4-5 hours of work per day, 5 days a week, the traveler gets a free room and at least one meal per day.

It just so happens the first host I read on the site, was an Italian hotel, looking for a couple that could teach yoga to their guests and someone to help run and promote the hotel.  If that doesn’t have our names written all over it, I don’t know what does!  I can still remember jumping up and down, calling Jon at work, yelling over the phone, “I have a plan!  I have a plan!” It is hard to believe that was just a few months ago and how much things have changed.

As I sit in an almost empty house, with boxes all around me, writing this post, our journey is starting to feel more real.  It took me almost 9 years to find a plan to travel, we hope that what we share will make your dreams come true more quickly.

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