You don’t have to be getting married to register!

One of my best friends has pretty much been like Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses.  She is the model bridesmaid, complete with an emergency kit of hair pins, needle and thread, hairspray, waterproof mascara, concealer, etcetera, for the wedding party.  She has also purchased a small boutique worth of registry items for all the happy couples.  She and I have talked about what happens to people who decide not to get married or don’t want to wait until they are married to get great gifts from family & friends?

Wait no longer!  We have recently discovered where you can register for any item, from any store, all in one place!  This is perfect for my friend and pretty much anyone.  Since the last few items we need for our trip next year are very specific, we have started to set up a registry to give to our family for Christmas.  It such a cool idea we thought some of you might be interested too.

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