Which Credit Card to Use Abroad

Which Credit Card to use Abroad

Credit cards, credit cards, credit cards.  There are so many options available, it can be overwhelming!  Yet, this is one choice we did NOT spend countless hours over!  Yay, us!  One of the largest credit card companies, CapitalOne, charges ZERO foreign transaction fees.  A clear choice when spending any time abroad.

We had one Citbank card and there was a 3% additional fee added to every purchase…needless to say we will not be taking that card!

Speaking of credit cards you also need to call your company before you leave and give them your itinerary.  This reduces the chance that your credit card might be denied while traveling abroad.

We are sure there are other companies that have 0% foreign transaction fees, but sometimes when you find the answer you are looking for, it is okay to stop researching!  If you are traveling abroad, call your credit card company to clarify any fees they charge.  And if you don’t get the answer you want, and you don’t want to spend hours researching credit cards, contact CapitalOne.

By the way, we are not getting paid by CapitalOne!

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