Smart Travel Clothes

Storm Coat

This week begins the big move and therefore PACKING!  We are packing up the house and our carry-on bags for next year.  There has been a lot of thought behind what we will pack and one of the best things we have discovered is the ExOfficio brand, which has some amazing travel clothes.

Last February when we were in London, a friend let me borrow her ExOfficio storm jacket.  It is perfect, because it rolls up to the size of a neck pillow, yet it keeps you warm in the freezing temperatures.  Jon and I both are both getting the jacket for our travels, so when it gets warmer out we won’t be schlepping an enormous coat around!

On a more personal note, ExOfficio also makes travel underwear.  They advertise: 17 Countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear. (Ok. Maybe two).  Enough said!

Do you have any travel wear tips?  Reply below and share any suggestions or experience you have with travel clothes.

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