Sacrifices of Going Abroad



In preparing for our journey, there were only two things that were a major source of worry.  The first was our home, which thanks to our wonderful realtor is no longer a worry.  The second worry, is finding a home for our dear cat Sofi.  This is the hardest part  for me.  It is even difficult to write about.  Sofi and I were together when I first started naturopathic medical school and Jon was still in North Carolina.  She was my buddy in a new, strange place.  When I would study for exams on the floor with papers spread out everywhere, she could strategically find exactly the paper I needed and lay down right on top of it.  A great study-buddy, right!?  The best part she would run to greet me at the door each time I came home, which was wonderful when I was living alone.  She still greets us at the door, although I think she gets more excited for Jon to come home, since he scratches her back longer!

I have to tell you, we are not the type of people who alter our lives for our animals.  So when we made this decision, we were not worried about our cat.  The closer and closer we come to leaving, the more and more guilt there is about leaving her.  We know this is the path we are supposed to be on and we are moving in the right direction, so we have faith it will all work out.  We are praying daily we find the right home for her.  I think the hardest part for me is that I can’t tell her why we are leaving her.  Jon keeps telling me as long as someone feeds her and loves her she will be happy and won’t miss us at all.  I hope he is right.  Because it is definitely not that easy for Sofi’s mama!

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