Packing Ideas for HIM

Packing list for HIM

Yes, we got this all in 1-carryon roller bag.  Jon didn’t believe me about rolling his clothes, so he tried packing everything regularly first.  When only half of his items fit, he let me try the rolling methods and vois là everything fit.  Again, the key to packing is ROLLING your clothes.  You will get so much more in your bag.

Items Jon couldn’t live without

  • Exofficio Storm Logic Jacket.  Again, this winter coat literally rolls up to the size of a neck pillow and can attach to your bag via velcro tabs.  Perfect for traveling in all kinds of weather.
  • Exofficio underwear.  Yes, we are gone for a year and Jon only has 3 pairs of underwear.  These underwear are amazing, they take up hardly any space and can be hand washed & air dried in a few hours.
  • Wellington Boots.  Or good work boots.  Easily cleanable, weatherproof and warm.  To fit everything in the carry-on, when we are traveling from place to place we wear our Wellington boots and pack our other shoes.
  • Hot Chillys.  Much more comfortable than long-johns and keep you extra warm.  They are not pictured above, but also are in the suitcase.
  • Hot water bottle.  This was a gift from our wonderful friends in France.  This old school therapeutic heating method is amazing for sore muscles and warms up a cold bed!  Some how we made room for it in the bag, 2-months into our trip!
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