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Drum roll please…….
RTW Packing List (part 1)
RTE Packing List (part 2)


Okay, so I might have gone a bit over the top, but I LOVE visual packing lists.  Can you believe I got all of this in 1 roller carry-on suitcase!!  Once I started putting everything up visually, I couldn’t believe it all fit! The key to packing is ROLLING your clothes.  You will get so much more in your bag by rolling almost everything, except bulkier items, those can be folded and placed on top last.

We went light on the summer clothes for two reasons.  First, almost 9 months of our trip it is going to be cooler weather.  We will be in the UK or Ireland, due to Schengen visa reasons, during the spring and fall.  That means the only time we are really going to be warm is during the summer.  Secondly, we get to cheat a bit.  We are staying with family in the UK, so we can leave some winter clothes there in the spring before leaving for summer.  We can also buy more summer things at that time if we need to.

Items I couldn’t live without

  • Exofficio Storm Logic Jacket.  This winter coat literally rolls up to the size of a neck pillow.  This means, it does not have to be added to the suitcase, I can roll it up and attach it to the handle of my suitcase so I don’t have to carry it either.
  • Smart wool socks.  I have to thank my friend Liz for this recommendation.  Not being an outdoorsy person and growing up in Florida, I would have never thought to buy wool socks.  These socks are a life saver, on chilly days my feet are warm.  Plus, they don’t get stinky.  PACKING TIP: stuff them inside your shoes to save space.  I have two pairs, so I can wash one pair and let them dry overnight, and still have a second pair.
  • Wellington Boots.  If you have been reading our blog, you know how in love I am with my Wellies.  They have changed my life…a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.  I spent hours trying multiple brands, even the expensive ones.  The best fit and best looking ones I found were Steve Maddens.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having these boots.  I will say, it depends on what you will be doing.  Jon and I are volunteering our time doing lots of gardening, so we need them for the mud.  That being said, they were also perfect in Paris, when it was raining.
  • Cashmere.  I know this sounds a bit luxurious for traveling abroad, but cashmere is warm, light weight and perfect for packing.  One winter I met my mom in Ohio and I couldn’t understand how she fit everything in a carry-on.  I had to pack in a checked bag because my sweaters were so bulky.  When I asked her, her reply was, “I have cashmere, my dear.  That is how I can pack 3 sweaters that take up no space.”  Thank God, Santa, aka mom, has since gifted me with cashmere!

All of the clothes above (plus socks & underwear) fit in my carry-on suitcase.  Now don’t tell me you need more than that for any trip!  You can pack in a carry on!  You can do it!

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