Motivational Monday: Friends & Moving

friend quote

This could not be a more perfect quote for our friends today.  Moving is pretty terrible and our friends made it better.  I have not been posting, because our lives were in complete chaos for the past few days.  You think you are ready, you think you are organized, you think you only have a few things left to pack…then you start to load up the truck!

Our amazing friends spent their day Saturday packing us up and loading the 22 foot truck we rented.  After a few hours it became clear that not everything was going to fit in the truck.  That is when my super calm, yogic state, left me and complete panic set in.  If it doesn’t fit in a 22 foot truck, how is it going to fit in our 10X15 storage unit? How do we have so much stuff?  We sold half of our furniture.  I have been getting rid of stuff for months, how is this possible?  Are we going to be able to rent another unit at the same spot?  And so the incessant questions continued.

Jon in his innate wisdom, left me at the house to continue boxing and cleaning.  That way he could handle the storage unit with the guys.  My parting directions, “Keep the living room furniture, our bedroom furniture and our fine china.  The rest, just get rid of if it doesn’t fit.”

A few hours later the guys returned.  Our friend Jim came to the kitchen with a picture of the storage unit filled to the top, but still with room to spare!  My personal heroes!  I literally ran around the house cheering on my dream team of miracle workers!  A big shot out to Jim, Michael, Steven and Kyndra for all their help.  It would not have been possible without them!  And a shout out to the rents for packing up most of our house in two days.

Our true friends brought out the best in moving.  We are truly blessed to have such amazing friends.

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