Gear Packing List

Gear Packing List
  • We have two iPods so we can both listen to music while we are working.  Plus the iPod touch is our link to everyone.  Notice we have NO CELLPHONE.  We use the iPod touch for email, facetime and skype to keep in touch with everyone.  Yes, we are surviving with no cellphone in foreign countries, but whether you want to trust in the kindness of strangers when you are lost is a personal choice.
  • Chargers and cords.  Make sure you have all the cords you need for each device before you leave
  • Converter.  Not pictured above, but if you are traveling internationally you will need a converter, for things such as your camera battery and a hairdryer if you are going to bring one.  Almost everything else charges through your computer.  Which brings us the the Mac adapter kit.
  • Mac World Travel Adapter Kit.  We love mac.  Originally we could not find the adapter kit in the US.  So we started our trip charging the computer through the converter, which DOES NOT WORK.  You can only charge for about 10-20 minutes before the converter overheats and your Paris studio apartment starts to smell like an electrical fire.  Which resulted in a trip to the Apple store in Paris where we purchased the adapter kit.  For macs, the plug part of the charger simply comes off and you replace with the which every country you need.  If you have a PC I’m sorry, I have no idea how to help you with that one.  And again buy everything you can in the US, it is much more expensive to buy the same thing in Europe.

World Travel Adapter Kit

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