Answered Prayers


Many have been asking if we found a home for our cat, Sofi, and we have found her a wonderful new home.  We dropped her off with her new mama on Saturday before we starting moving out of the house.  She immediately felt at home, she was laying out on the floor, and rubbing up against her new mom’s leg.  It was such a blessing to see.  I pretty much held it together until we left and she ran to the front window of the house and peeked-out to say goodbye.  At that point there was no holding back the tears.

But the tears didn’t last long.  As Jon and I made the drive back to Pinehurst we realized Sofi’s new mom was exactly what we prayed for, exactly!  We prayed for a lady that loved cats, but didn’t have a cat.  Someone that didn’t have dogs or small children around.  Was calm and quiet.  And lastly we prayed we would find someone that would love her even more than we did (this was a tall order).

I really can’t think of any other time, when I got exactly what I have prayed for.  Ask and you shall receive, was definitely true in this case.  We were down to the last few days, but our prayers were answered in such a beautiful way.  Sofi’s new mom has some special stories of her own, with divine intervention taking place, but those are her’s to tell.  It gives us such a sense of peace, knowing Sofi has a wonderful new home and mom.

We keep reminding ourselves that this is the kind of faith we need to have next year.  Even though it maybe the last minute, God/The Universe will provide us with shelter and food on our journey next year.  It reminds me of a passage from The Journey Home, and how the main character’s prayers are answered in exactly the time he needs them, just before he takes the next step, the path is revealed.  So true for all of us, just takes faith to get there.


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