Writers Block…sort of


I have to admit, nothing entertaining or creative is coming to mind for me this morning.  I have ideas to share, but don’t have pictures to add that visual edge to the story.

The thing is, I made it a personal goal to blog everyday while we are on the trip and I can’t just stop now.  Because I know if I skip one day, then suddenly a new pattern develops and may not be challenging myself daily to be creative and write about our journey.

I also have a ton on my mind, which is making it difficult to focus.  We are having to change our plans for our return to the US and the way back hasn’t seemed clear yet…maybe a sign we need to stay longer!  We literally had a cruise booked and paid on our credit card and when we confirmed we were boarding in Ireland and not England, they said, “Wait, never mind, we can’t do that any more.  Our policy just changed last week.  We are refunding your card for the trip.”  Without the slightest effort of trying to make it work.

Apparently there are some crazy solar flares going on right now, which maybe to blame?  Not sure, but I checked and mercury is not in retrograde, so that excuse it out!

We are keeping the faith that the way back home will become clear and soon.  We have to know before we head back into France, so we can easily glide through customs, because trust us they have NO sense of humor or aimless sense adventure!  Until then, we are accepting positive thoughts and prayers on the best way back home towards the end of the year!

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