Where do we go from here?

Now what?  Where do we go from here?  How do we transition back to life in the United States?  What happens to the blog?

We are filled with questions!  It seems like many of you followed the blog either because you knew us or because you were interested in the adventure we were on.  We cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you showed us along the way.  It made our adventure more exciting to share it with all of you.

Even now that the Grand Adventure is over, I wake up and still think about writing every morning.  It has become a habit that I love.  So we figured we would share with you some of our observations, trials and joys of this transition.

You are our readers and without you the blog is not really a blog.  So we would love to hear from you.  We made up a survey (this makes it easy for you anonymous, quiet, readers) to get an idea of what you would be interested in as the blog evolves.  We have some ideas, but we would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to the survey, it will only take a few seconds:

Click here to take survey

Or you can look in the right hand column and click the link for the survey there.

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