Sete street

Today I don’t really feel like writing and I don’t really feel like going through thousands of pictures to pick a few for the blog, but after posting every day this year so far, I don’t feel like giving up either.

So I figure I should keep it real as they say.  As we are winding down and coming to the end of our adventure in Europe thoughts are shifting for everyone.  People at home are getting excited, writing us about how happy they are for our return.  All the while, I am wondering how the hell we are going to do it.

This morning as I walked and occasionally ran the cobblestone streets of southern France, in the crisp morning air, I realize how much I am going to miss this.  Uneven payment where you have to avoid the dog poop, that no one picks up, yet no one seems to mind either.  Stucco buildings with charm that you can’t buy because it is in the soul of the buildings.  Watching natives walk with arm fulls of baguettes and speaking languages that seem to sing compared to our own.  The concept of enjoying life and loving life is simply understood, it comes naturally to these people.

Very simply, not just our surroundings have changed, we have changed.  We had no idea how much we had changed until we spent time with friends and family that have come over to visit us.  We feel foreign.  Our views have changed, our beliefs have changed and our way of life has changed.  One thing that is most obvious is that Jon and I have become a team.  I couldn’t help but think on my run this morning how our trip has taken on the time of gestation, 9 months.  And because we are a team I know we will make it through the “re-birthing” process back to America.  The last thing we want to do is fall back into our old ways of thinking and being.  We have been talking it over and if you know my hubby, we are coming up with a plan for re-entry!  We have no idea how it will play out.  All we know is Sarasota is where we are being led.  I am crazy excited for my new job and Jon’s new business….the rest we have to leave up to faith.

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