Happy Anniversary

jj polignano

Happy Anniversary to the man I love.  I can’t believe that six years ago we were walking down the aisle together.  We have been on one heck of a ride and who would have guessed we would be celebrating this year traveling Europe.

I know it has been challenging to put your career on hold and I know how much you miss it.  Especially when you get excited and talk to me about “operations.”  I know deep down that you will be incredibly successful on your next adventure and where ever it may lead us.

I still remember the words Pastor Zimmer told us on our wedding day, about out-giving each other and each of us giving 110% to the other person.  Without a doubt, I feel blessed in how much love you give and show me each day.  Thank you for taking this crazy adventure with me, it is more special because we are on it together!


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