Citizens of the World


In the beginning of our planning process I was speaking to my life coach about why I wanted to leave everything and travel Europe with my hubby.  I went through the expected things, like experiencing a different culture, for the history, the art, the time together as a couple, et cetera.  Then I really started sharing the deeper reasons.  The fact that Italy was the only other place in the world I felt like I was home.  And the dream of becoming citizens of the world.

I remember reading a Deepak Chopra book as a teenager about how we can have peace in the world.  Don’t quote me on this, I read the book about 12 or more years ago, but I remember him talking about dissolving national pride.  In doing so we don’t become a us verses you, we all are just people of the world.  I know it is idealistic and likely unrealistic, but I have to admit to you, I love that idea of lifted borders where we all meet each other as human beings.  Keeping our uniqueness, but losing the my nation, against your nation.

Being in Europe has made this divide show even more, unfortunately.  So far in Belgium and Italy, I have been wholeheartedly defending the French (they really are nice people, read our post about it).  I have also been trying to explain that my homeland is not full of polar bear killing Americans (those are not my words).

It was explained to me that because the world wars took place here, on this land, the dislike for other nationalities is greater.  For an American, this would be similar to not liking Japanese because of Pearl Harbor, or not liking a Yankee because I was born in the South (although Florida really isn’t the south at all).  To me these ideas are foreign.  Besides, generations have passed, so why would I not like someone because of what their father or grandfather did?  Why would I not like someone for something they did themselves?  We all change and forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

As American’s that try to eat local foods when we travel (more on that soon), and aren’t insistent on hamburgers and ketchup where ever we go, maybe we can spread the light.  Even if it is just planting the seed.  Everywhere we have been we have met wonderful, beautiful people. I fully believe travel can change the world.  If we meet everyone on the human level, as individual people, regardless of where they come from, maybe then the national stereotypes will begin to fade, and we can travel the world freely and discover peace.


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