Supplements for your travel bag


As we are preparing to leave, we are making lists of things that we want to take with us.  We want to make sure we take every effort to stay healthy on our travels.  So I have been working on what supplements to take with us on our journey.  Keep in mind we are planning on taking only one carry-on bag each for the whole year….yes I said that correctly!  So we have to pick and choose carefully.  So here is our list:


1.  Multivitamin

Multivitamins are great just to cover the basics.  When traveling you tend to eat different foods of the local culture and a multi-vitamin helps make sure you are getting all of your foundational nutrients.

2.  Probiotics

Speaking of eating different foods, we want to keep our GI system functioning well, which is where probiotics help.  As an added bonus, probiotics also help the immune system!  Double the reason to pack these little pills.  I love these probiotic pearls specifically, because they don’t have to be refrigerated.

3.  Bumps & Bruises

On our trip abroad we are going to be volunteering in different locations.  Most of the volunteer work is physical labor, which can result in sore muscles.  The beautiful cobblestone streets of Europe can also result in some twisted ankles.  And you never know when you might bump something and get bruised.  Hence the wonder homeopathic ointment and medicine Traumeel.  The main ingredient is arnica, which more people might be aware of.  Traumeel will definitely be part of our first aid kit!

4.  Immune Support

We also want to be prepared if we do end up getting sick on our trip.  Super Bio Vegetarian is basically a natural anti-biotic full of powerful immune herbs and vitamins.  Echinacea is also a good choice to take for immune support.

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