Remedies for Stress and Changes in Life

Bach Flower: Walnut


Bach Flower remedies are something I first used when Jon and I were getting married.  I couldn’t make a decision to save my life!  And the amount of decisions you have to make to plan a wedding is absurd!  I picked up a Bach Flower remedy and was using it before all our meetings with vendors and I couldn’t believe it, but it worked!  I was able to make decisions and not stress about making the “right” decision.  Because in the end, who really cares what font you picked for your invitation?

With the stress of moving and the MAJOR life changes we are making, we have both started using a few drops of Bach Flower remedy in our water.  We chose the flower essence of walnut.

Walnut: allows you to make or adapt to major life changes and to fulfill your ambitions free from the influence of others

Does that not have our names written all over it!?  There are about 38 Bach Flower remedies in total.  You can go to their main website and see which remedy or remedies fits your current situation best.  You can pick one flower essence or a few.  All you have to do is add a few drops to your water bottle and sip on your water all day long.

If you rather print out a questionnaire to figure out which remedy is best, here is one that I have used in the past:

Bach Questionnaire


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