everything is BIGGER

big car on a big road

Without a doubt the first thing both of us experienced on our transition back to the US is how everything is BIGGER!  The cars,  roads, homes, sandwiches, shopping centers, restaurants, sidewalks…the hair…no just kidding we are in Florida, not Texas!  But in all seriousness, it is amazing how much room we have here!

Even the room I grew up in, that has a tiny bathroom by American-standards, seems massive.  How could we have been oblivious to how much space we had!?!

I am sure people got pretty tired of being around us our first few days back, as we walked around in a hazy daze, sounding like hippies, “Everything is like, soooooo big!”

The experience definitely helped us to be more grateful for any space in general.  It is also going to make downsizing even easier.  We are currently looking for a place to rent in the downtown area, which is going to mean somewhere between 450-600 square feet…800 if we hit the jackpot!  Before we left, our home was just shy of 2,000 square feet.  Europe taught us to love smaller spaces in the center of everything.  And if you think about it, even that is relative.  Have you seen apartments in cities like Hong Kong!?  Those are some seriously small spaces, some hotels just have tubes the size of tanning beds to sleep in, imagine what the US would feel like to them!

One thing is for sure the massive lanes on the road make the prospect of driving for the first time again after 9 months, seem like it will be a piece of cake…



*Photo credit:  Free H2 wallpaper

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