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Motivational Monday: Child of the Universe

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I usually pick the quotes for Motivational Monday at random.  Not sure why this one came up today, but it must have been for a reason.  I would often do the same thing when I was teaching yoga.  I would

Motivational Monday

Courage quote

It is amazing that where we are today started with a simple day-dream.  We had dinner last night with a couple that has had a large impact on our lives, for the few years we have lived in Pinehurst, North

Motivational Monday

Letting go

At the end of each yoga class I teach, I read an inspirational quote or prayer.  I often just open a book and read what I open to, figuring it will be what most people need to hear.  I couldn’t

Motivational Monday

    Many dislike Mondays and starting the work week.  We like to think of Mondays as a fresh new start.  So for those of you that need some extra Motivation on Mondays, we want to help inspire you to

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quote

We love getting mail, who doesn’t?  Once I left home for college my grandma would send me weekly notes in the mail of encouragement, I treasured each one.  My parents have carried on this tradition with sending us quotes or

Commitment and Opinions of Others

10 things to give up to move forward

When Jon and I were just playing around with the idea of taking our trip abroad, we ran it by a few people. I was shocked when the feedback we received was negative. The common response was, we have great