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Parks of Poole: Upton Country Park

upton house front

Today we visited Upton Country Park and I was reminded again why I love England so much.  The park is open to the public and has acres of manicured gardens, open fields for dogs to run freely, play areas for

A day of acting like kids in Poole Park

Poole park

The sun was shining my friends, it was shining!  We had to seize the moment and the sunshine!  Without a doubt we take sunshine for granted being native Floridians!  Not anymore.  With any hope of sun in the forecast we

Parks of Poole: Canford Heath

the sun is out

When visiting England, if you wait for nice weather, you maybe waiting a long time.  That is what the Brits tell us anyways.  This morning from 7-9 AM sunshine was forecasted, which resulting in a 6:30 alarm, as to ensure