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Motivational Monday: Friends & Moving

friend quote

This could not be a more perfect quote for our friends today.  Moving is pretty terrible and our friends made it better.  I have not been posting, because our lives were in complete chaos for the past few days.  You

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Travel the World


One of the first assumptions people make when we say we are leaving our jobs and traveling Europe for a year, is that we are rich.  We are rich in many things, but I assure you we have a very

Remedies for Stress and Changes in Life

Bach Flower: Walnut

  Bach Flower remedies are something I first used when Jon and I were getting married.  I couldn’t make a decision to save my life!  And the amount of decisions you have to make to plan a wedding is absurd! 

Letting Go with the Full Moon

Full Moon

    Since childhood I have always been aware of the moon’s cycle.  Mostly because my dad never could sleep well during the full moon.  It wasn’t until recently when I started practicing yoga that my connection with the full