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Motivational Monday: Child of the Universe

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I usually pick the quotes for Motivational Monday at random.  Not sure why this one came up today, but it must have been for a reason.  I would often do the same thing when I was teaching yoga.  I would

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Travel the World


One of the first assumptions people make when we say we are leaving our jobs and traveling Europe for a year, is that we are rich.  We are rich in many things, but I assure you we have a very

Motivational Monday

Courage quote

It is amazing that where we are today started with a simple day-dream.  We had dinner last night with a couple that has had a large impact on our lives, for the few years we have lived in Pinehurst, North

Motivational Monday

Letting go

At the end of each yoga class I teach, I read an inspirational quote or prayer.  I often just open a book and read what I open to, figuring it will be what most people need to hear.  I couldn’t

Motivational Monday

    Many dislike Mondays and starting the work week.  We like to think of Mondays as a fresh new start.  So for those of you that need some extra Motivation on Mondays, we want to help inspire you to