Snapshot Saturday: A week in the vineyards




These our our favorite shots from around the vineyard.  We spent the week pruning the vines and clearing the wires for new growth.  We had some of the most amazing weather yesterday and got some great shots.  The temperatures were in the mid-50s, the sun was shining the entire day, the birds were serenading us, the bees were buzzing and we were surrounded by the beauty of nature.  The moss covered ground with fallen olives, bare almond trees with a few nuts left and straggling vines that give us delicious wine to enjoy.  It was one of those moments when you realize these are the stories you are going to be telling generations to come.  When you took a risk of leaving everyday life and got to work in the vineyards of Italy.  We are blessed to be in the flow of energy that seems much more powerful, when we let go and let God, the Divine, the Universe….fallen olives



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