The Power of Intention

Venice Italy

When I started naturopathic medical school 7 years ago, vision boards were the rage.  It was a welcomed creative distraction from hours of reading medical textbooks, so I created one.  One of my biggest dreams was to live internationally, so up went a picture of Italy.

Fast forward one year and my long-term boyfriend and I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my parents.  We spent an extra 4 days after the cruise in my most favorite place, Venice.  This was my third trip to Venice and every time I feel like I have landed home.  On the last evening of our trip Jon proposed in front of The Florian in Piazza San Marco.

Every year that we have been married, Jon and I write down our personal goals and our together goals and place them up on our vision board.  Since we got married one of our together goals was to live internationally.

So here we are 5 years later making the commitment to reach for the stars and live out our dream.  We would never have guessed it would happen so soon.  But here we are going for it!  We have given our notices to our jobs, sold our home, and are beginning to pack up our belongings for a life changing journey abroad!

Is there something you dream of?  A vision board helps set your intention…you never know what could happen!

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