The Love of Travel

The love of travel

of something new

with eyes capturing sites of old

the different alignment of the shapes

that make up architecture that moves the soul


The love of travel

of sounds anew

delightfully flowing from foreign tongues

the mind desperately wanting to understand

bringing back childhood struggles for the man


The love of travel

and new surprises for the senses

eating with the eyes, and the nose, and the tongue

allowing new smells and flavors to erupt

smiling like a giddy child or in complete wonderment


The love of travel

and the smallness of the world

making the differences more grey

the borders more fuzzy

connecting with the human spirit in all


The love of travel

and escaping to foreign lands

making the hour hand of time slow

the new dimension, the new people, the new sights

making home a distant thought


The love of travel

for exploring the soul

expanding self-inflicted barriers of the mind

loving thy neighbor

and realizing you will never be the same


-Jessica’s Soul


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