The Joy of Life’s Unsuspected Moments


Our new host family picked us up yesterday.  They are also in Puglia and actually even closer to Ostuni than we were before.  This was the first place we booked before we left the States.  When we read Cathy and Keith’s profile, I felt like we really needed to meet them.  I didn’t care what our volunteer work was, we just needed to meet them.  In fact, we changed our schedule around in order to stay with them, that is how strongly I felt we needed to hear their story.  We haven’t even been with them 24-hours yet and we have learned a tremendous amount about sustainable living and following your dreams.

They have taken a centuries old villa in Southern Italy and converted it to be almost completely off the grid with solar power to heat the house & hot water tank, rainwater collection to supply water for the entire house, gardens that supply their food, along with chickens for fresh eggs and goats to make their own cheese.

Jon & Millie

We have instantly fallen in love with their new baby goat, Millie.  She was just born on Monday and unfortunately her mother died after her birth.  But because of that, she follows Cathy and Keith around the garden like a shadow, since they are now her mother.  She is precious.  And we were honored to be allowed to feed this little one her bottle.

feeding Millie

A random tid-bit for you.  Since the age of 8, after my first trip to England, I have wanted a pet sheep.  Let me tell you, Millie makes me think a goat would be great too!

Millie’s grandmother was also pregnant and expecting.  Within a few hours of our arrival she gave birth to two baby goats.  We were able to witness the birth of her second goat.  Birth is so magical.  What are the chances we would be present for the birth of goats in Southern Italy?  I can’t believe it.  Life’s big miracles.  Never thought we would experience this on our trip…so happy we have.



Everyday holds special miracles.  What miracle will you see today?

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