The Courage to Follow a Dream

One of my greatest professors in naturopathic medical school, was my homeopathy professor.  He taught us most importantly how to be great physicians and also how to be transparent with our patients.  So in honor of being transparent….I had a complete meltdown!

I thought once we made the commitment to living our dreams, everything would be easy.  Umm, no!  It is actually really scary to live out your dreams…at least in the beginning.  Jon and I gave our notices at our jobs and put our house up for sale.  We were giving ourselves a few months to sell, because of the economy.  Well when you are on the right path, you are on it, because we were under contract on the house after 12 hours!  Which resulted in reality completely kicking in!  Yes, we really are going through with this crazy idea to travel through Europe!  Wait, really?

Guys, you can skip over this part.  Ladies, you will understand.  I am sitting on the sofa, becoming short of breath for no apparent reason.  I try doing my deep yogic breathing, but it is not helping.  Then the tears start coming.  Jon, my hubby, comes to my side asking what is wrong.  I start sobbing and saying, “I’m freaking out!”  Jon of course has a look of concern and replies,”Sweetheart, we don’t have to do this.”  Through sobs and a shaky voice I reply, “No.  This is what I want.   I am just…out.”

The reality of selling our home, having no jobs, rocked my sense of security! After a lot of meditation, a call to my life coach and my best friend, I started calming down.  I came to the realization this trip for me is about letting go and trusting God will take care of us.  This is a huge lesson and apparently one, I really need to work on.

It takes courage to follow your dreams and the path your are led to take.  It takes a leap of faith, trusting in something bigger than yourself.  Is there something your heart is leading you to do?  We hope you can find the courage to follow your dreams!

Your dreams are not meant to put your to sleep, but to alert and arouse you to your immense possibilities.  – David Phillips

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