Reality Hits

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My best friend has been asking periodically, “Has it hit you yet?”  The reality of what we are doing has only hit me twice so far.  The morning after we moved out of our home when we were staying at our friends house, I woke up and realized, there is no turning back now.  And yesterday morning, I had that sensation of uneasiness or fear that arises between your heart and your stomach.  I realized, yes we really are doing this and how much I am going to miss my parents, our family and our friends.  My parents have been spoiling us and the comforts of home have been undeniably enjoyable.

I am pretty sure it will also hit when we leave the warm Gulf Coast of Florida to arrive in the icy-cold, unfamiliar streets of Paris.  Similar to leaving the cozy womb, we can put up a fight, even if it is just subconsciously.  According to our parents, I literally came out of the womb pouting, sticking out my bottom lip and Jon immediately peed all over this mom.  What this says about our ability to embrace change, I am not even going to go there!

Are we leaving the cozy comforts of home? Yes.  Are we leaving the comfort of the familiar? Yes.  Is it scary at times?  Absolutely.  Yet, in the same day we got an email back from a family in Germany and a couple in Spain.  And the excitement of meeting these new people in completely different cultures, took over.  I felt elated, lighter, exited for the possibilities of the new and unknown.  My dear husband, was happy, but he waits until we are actually there to get excited, too much past disappointment.

On this long anticipated winter solstice, I see this day as more of an auspicious day of rebirth.  I have never believed the end of the world stories, if anything it is just another day.  But possibly a day that holds hope of a shift in energy.  One that supports living out our wild, unconventional dreams.  And on the most basic level brings us back to heart center, so we can spread our lights and God willing, realize we are all human beings that want to be loved.  And my hippie heart can pray for peace…I know it is a wild dream, but today is a wild day.

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