Random Acts of Kindness

no telephone here

When we were getting ready to leave Bath, the car we were driving broke down.  The engine started running hot, so Jon found the closest mechanic and pulled in.  Thank goodness he listened to his intuition because the mechanic told us it was a serious problem with the engine and the car was not drivable.  If we had gone any farther he told us we could have caused serious damage.

We are thankful because we do not have a cell phone, so had we gone any farther we could have been stranded on the side of the road in the countryside of England!  But we were still in Bath and had to find a way back to Poole, about 2 hours south.  The mechanic was kind enough to let us call the rental car company, but they had no cars!  So we started the walk back into the center of Bath to get to the bus or train station.  We arrive to the bus station but it has closed for the day.

I told Jon at this point, “If there are no trains to Poole, that is it, we are staying the night in Bath.”  And trust me I would not have been disappointed!  Once we got to the train station, there was a train back to Poole and we had about an hour before it left.  At this point we had to call our family friends to let the know we needed to be picked up at the train station 4 hours from now, but again no cell phone.

We walked across the street to The Royal Hotel.  We told the gentleman at the desk our story, that our car broke down and we needed to call our friends in Poole to pick us up at the train station.  He asked if it was a local call and we told him we didn’t know, but not likely since the town is almost 2 hours away by car.  He looked at us and smiled, gave us the phone and said, “No worries, make your call.”

I know it seems little, but making that call was a big deal for us.  So thank you to the wonderful staff at the The Royal Hotel in Bath for your random act of kindness.  Have you helped someone out recently that was stranded or in need of help?  Be an observer today and take notice if there is someone you can help.  It will make both of you feel the love and kindness that does exist in this crazy world.

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