Pay it Forward

pay it forward

We have started getting in the habit of paying it forward while in England when it comes to parking.  In the UK you have to pay to park almost every where.  We pay to park when we go to the farmer’s market, some groceries stores and even church.  The machines also rarely give you change and you often have to pay for a minimum of 1 hour even if you know you will only be 15-30 minutes.  This leaves us with parking passes that usually have at least 30 minutes left until they expire.  So instead of throwing away our passes we have started giving them away to people that are just arriving to the parking lot as a way to pay it forward and bring a smile to someone’s day.

What can you do today to pay it forward and make some’s day?  Reply below and let us know what you were inspired to do to make someone smile and pay it forward.

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