Motivational Monday: You can have anything you want

you can have anything you want quote

Do you believe you can have anything you want?

Do you believe you can create the life of your dreams?

One of the biggest barriers we have to dreams coming true is our own negative mind.  In yoga we are taught the importance of the three minds, the negative mind, the positive mind and the neutral mind.  The negative mind is what keeps you from walking down the dark alley alone at night saying, “That is not a safe choice to walk that path.”  The positive mind is the one that tell you, “Yes, reach for the stars, you can touch them!”  And the neutral mind is the one that comes from meditation and prayer that connects you with your intuition and Source and says, “This is the best choice for you right now, in this moment.”  The neutral mind takes everything from the negative mind and the positive mind and makes a decision within 7-9 seconds.

The problem is often it is easiest to listen to the negative mind.  We can become our own worst enemy.  Balancing the negative mind with the positive mind and the neutral mind, takes devotion, time and prayer.  However that looks to you.  It could mean walking in nature, studying the Bible or religious texts, practicing yoga, meditating, just as long as it connects you to your neutral mind and your intuition.  You will soon be amazed that your dreams can come true.

I have wanted to live in Europe for years.  I had no idea HOW we were going to get here, but I knew it was my dream and some how, some way, we could make it happen.  There are still days, I look at Jon and say, “We are here, we are living in Europe, can you believe it!?!  We made it happen!”  And when I say We, I mean a lot more than just Jon and myself!

If you are around people that don’t support your dreams, it is time to find some new people to surround yourself with.  I was shocked the other day when someone I love very much, shared her dream about living abroad.  She was told it would never happen by a family member!  Thank God, Jon and I are here.  We hope we can inspire this special someone that dreams can come true…we are living it!

So go for it!  Let go of self-doubt.  Balance out the negative mind with your positive and neutral minds.  Find your personal spiritual practice.  And shoot for the moon….not because you will land amongst the stars…but because you will make it to the moon!  Your dreams can come true….just believe without a shadow of a doubt!!

Love, Peace and Light to you all!

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