Motivational Monday: What you make of yourself

MM: Your gift to God

What you are is God’s gift to you; what you make of yourself is your gift to God.

–George Washington Carver

Last week we talked about how special you are.  Every circumstance, every success, every challenge, has made you uniquely you!  Now the question is what are you making of yourself?  Are you sharing that God given gift?

How are you giving back your unique gifts and talents?  How are you serving?  

If you don’t believe in a higher power this might be more challenging.  But can you imagine if you lived your life to serve the divine?  That you sought out ways to share the blessings you have been given, the knowledge you have received, the talents you have honed?  Can you imagine how differently you might work or serve if you thought of what you did as a gift to God?  That simple change in focus drastically shifts how you approach life.  Suddenly it is no longer about you, it is about something bigger.

But don’t get stuck worrying about finding your purpose, spending hours fretting over what is the right career path, wanting to make more money for this or that or reading every self-help book that claims to have the answer. When we do those things we lose sight of the simple and profound gifts that flow so easily from each of us.

Maybe your unique gift is being joyous, how are you sharing that?  Are you smiling at strangers, making friends laugh?  A gift doesn’t have to be a job or a craft.  Maybe it is your ability to listen, calm down a stressed friend, make someone smile, bring a room to laughter, provide peace to all those that enter your home, share love with your children, those are all amazing gifts!

I have recently reconnected with a lady that used to answer the phone at a business I called all the time.  I could be having the most rotten day, but she ALWAYS brought a smile to my face!  It was so natural for her, so easy, it is one of her unique gifts.  You want to know how she did it?  She answered the phone with a smile on her face and sometimes she even answered laughing!  Let me tell you, she shared that joy, that happiness, with every person that called in and it naturally flowed over the phone and made you smile.  She was serving and gave back her gifts.

What you are…those simple and beautiful aspects that make you, you, are a gift from God.  Now what are you going to make of those gifts?  How are you going to share them with the world?

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