Motivational Monday: Take Action on Your Dreams

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We have a wonderful young philosopher that has joined the family here at Chateau Merienne.  Meals have become intellectual debates on intense topics such as, the end of the world, shift in consciousness, war, politics, et cetera.

One of the things I have observed (only because I have been there so many times) is how easy it is to get stuck in our heads.  At a certain point we have to take action on our dreams.  We can dream, we can debate, but after awhile we have to do something tangible.  Even if it is as small as writing down a plan of action towards our dreams, or researching ways our dream might become reality.

One of the great things about volunteering is we are incredibly active each day.  Jon and I both are physically working the hardest we have ever worked.  We are mainly gardening with the vision that this location will become a self-sustaining artist retreat in the future.  The physicality feels good and it seems to propel further action.  Plus, I can’t help but see the spiritual connection in weeding a garden, it feels as if you are also clearing what no longer serves you spiritually.

Do you need to do something physical today, to propel you into action?

What can you do today to take action on one of your dreams?


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