Motivational Monday: Success, Happiness & Love

motivational Monday: success & happiness & love

One of the greatest lessons we are learning is how happiness is within us.  True happiness comes from a greater Source and can continuously overflow from us, if we allow it.  Once you are in that state of happiness, take notice of what you are doing.

I have noticed that one of the biggest changes for both Jon and myself is how much we are outside now.  We are not stuck behind a computer, working inside all day long.  Being outside and breathing in the fresh air, hearing the birds chirp, watching different flowers bloom, seems to make you realize how wonderful life really is, how everything is part of the flow from Source.

Think of a few times when you were most happy.  Where are you?  Who are you surrounded by?  What are you doing?

Then hold on to that happiness, that love, and allow it to surround you and flow through you.  It will attract more happiness and more love into your life.

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