Motivational Monday: Secure Future Happiness

Secure future happiness

Today and every morning you have the choice to be happy or not.  Which way do you want your day to go?  It is up to you.

No matter what you are faced with, you have the option to choose how you react to that situation.  Let’s say you wake up and decide to be happy, but then the coffee maker breaks and you can’t have your morning caffeine.  Will you let this spiral into a terrible day where everything goes wrong?  Or will you decide to be as happy as possible and realize now you have a great reason to treat yourself to that special drink at Starbucks instead!

Each day you have the ability to secure your happiness and your future happiness by how you choose to react to your environment.  And if your environment is not ideal at the moment, what things can you do to find happiness regardless?  If you feel drained at the workplace, can you take your lunch break outside & get fresh air, recharging your day?  What steps can YOU take to make your day happier?

Take notice today and this week of what makes you happy, what fills you up energetically, what makes you smile.  Once you find those things that fill you up and make you happy, write them down and do at least one of those things everyday.  You are worth it!

Happy Monday!

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