Motivational Monday: Secret of Happiness

MM: Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness….is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.  -Socrates


The Greek philosopher, Socrates, offers words of advice on how to find happiness.  He encourages us that happiness is found by enjoying less.  The words seem almost opposite of what we are taught today.  We are constantly bombarded with marketing, that the more we have, the happier we will be.  But is that true?

Does buying a new car, or a new outfit, or a new home, or a new set of golf clubs really make you happy?  Possibly for the short term, but rarely does that kind of happiness last.  Socrates encourages us to think more simply.  If you learn to enjoy less, you really enjoy more, more happiness and more in life.  Because if simply waking up each day is enough to make you happy (something seemingly so small), it results in exponential happiness throughout the day.

Where is the wellspring of enduring happiness?  It comes from within us, from the internal choice we all have, to be happy or miserable.  You can wake up and be miserable that the sun isn’t shining, or the coffee you had wasn’t hot enough, or that you are not getting enough attention from people around you.  Or you can wake up and be thankful for the rain that allows the food you eat to grow, and be thankful to have an electricity to power your coffee maker, and enjoy walking by yourself and becoming your own best friend.  It simply depends on your perspective and if you can find happiness with less.

Can you be happy with less?  With nothing but yourself?  Can you look in the mirror, see your best friend, and be happy to be alive?

Things do not bring happiness.  YOU bring happiness to yourself and those around you.  The choice is up to you.

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