Motivational Monday: Reach for your dreams

reach for your dreams

To reach, also means to extend for, to achieve, to grasp, to rise up to, to influence.  They are action words.  It takes action to achieve your dreams.  It is more than writing it down or believing in your dream.  Yes, those are important steps, but you have to physically let the Universe know you are serious about grasping and rising up to your dream.  Once you take those actions, your dreams begin to reach back to you as well.  Instead of having to climb all the way to the top of the mountain on your own, a hand is reaching for you, pulling you to the summit.


Our hosts are wonderful people that want to be that hand, to help people reach their dreams.  They gave us wonderful advice on reaching your dreams.  They basically said you only need two things to make any dream come true.

  1. You have to know EXACTLY what you want.  This seems like the easy part.  But you have to be very clear, which often can be surprisingly difficult.
  2. You have to take steps to make that dream come true.  For example, if you want to go on a dream vacation to Italy.  You need to open up a savings account to save for your trip and do what it takes to earning money to deposit into your savings account.  These are action steps.

Once you begin taking action everything starts falling into place.  We followed the above method without realizing it.   First we became clear in making the decision we wanted to travel and live in Europe for a year.  So what action did we take?  Before we told anyone what we were doing, we bought our ticket to Europe.  Suddenly the dreams started reaching back to help us across the pond.

No matter what your dream is, what physical, tangible actions can you take today, this week, to start letting the Universe know you are serious?  Or maybe you still need to get clear on what you want.  So begin meditating on exactly what your dream is.

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