Motivational Monday: Nothing is too good to be true

MM: nothing is too good to be true

Realize that nothing is too good to be true.  – Kobi Yamada

I was talking with one of my best friends the other day and he is having the most amazing year.  He has a job that he is passionate about, he got married to his soul mate and bought the house of his dreams in an area that he loves.  Things are pretty amazing!


Some times when things are going so well, there is that hesitation, that holding back of excitement, just in case things are ready to fall apart.  What!?!  Why do we do this to ourselves?  That is why I love today’s quote, Realize that nothing is too good to be true!

When things start overflowing, the gifts are coming in, the love is surrounding us…soak it up!  Give thanks to God, the Universe, for all the abundance that has been blessed upon you.  And guess what, the more we give thanks, the more it keeps flowing!

Today when something amazing happens, be giddily exuberant.  Give thanks.  Recognize nothing is too extravagant for the Universe.  And realize nothing is too good to be true….soak it up friends, soak it up!

I found this short inspiration video using quotes from a book written by Kobi Yamada, the author of today’s quote.  May you have an inspired Monday!

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