Motivational Monday: Making dreams happen

views of Europe

Tony Robbins calls it MASSIVE ACTION. That is to say, DOING A LOT OF STUFF EVERY DAY FOR A LONG TIME IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. Not once, not twice, not a hundred times, but UNTIL it happens. Action IS the bridge between dreaming about it, and living it.

-Mastin Kipp

We had a friend the other day tell us how blessed we are to be doing what we are doing.  I couldn’t agree more, we are incredibly blessed and we believe in divine intervention.  BUT…where we are today is more than being just blessed, it took action.  We worked hard to be doing what we are doing.  We were blessed that Jon had a wonderful job before we left that allowed us to save every single penny I made to fund our trip.  I am blessed to be writing you this morning from a desk that is over looking beautiful views of Europe, but it took years of dreaming and action for us to be sitting where we are today.

So often we compare ourselves to others without realizing we are comparing the best parts of other people, to the worst parts of ourselves.  Or we don’t realize how long it took someone to get where they are at and get frustrated when things seem to be happening so slowly for us personally.  This seems to be even more true for the generations today that are constantly seeing the best of people on social media.

Today we can challenge ourselves to focus on our own dreams.  Instead of comparing ourself to others, spend that energy taking action on your dreams.  What is it that you want from life?  Make a list and pick the top 1 or 2 to focus all your energy on.  If you want to lose weight, what things can you let go of that will give you more time to exercise?  Instead of watching TV or checking Facebook, go out and walk.  Buy fresh foods and eat to nourish your body.  If you want a new electronic, how can you start saving to buy it?  Do you want family to be a priority?  Then what “things” are taking your time away from family and what can you do to change that?

What are you willing to sacrifice?  You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.  For us we saved every check I made, while friends were out buying new entertainment centers and the latest fashions, we were building our savings account.  We cooked at home instead of going out to restaurants weekly.  But to us these things were not a sacrifice because we knew our ultimate dream was in reach if we took action to get there.

You can live your dreams.  Decide what your top dream is and focus all your energy on making it happen.  Take action steps each and everyday until you are living your dream.

It is taking action that makes the difference.  You CAN live the life you dream of!


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