Motivational Monday: Let the light shine

MM- shadow

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all know the common phrase, Without a shadow of a doubt, often referring to the court room or overthrowing a ref’s call at a football game.  Is there irrefutable evidence that leaves you without a singe doubt?

What happen’s if that doubt comes from within?  What if that shadow of a doubt comes from putting your back to the light or not allowing your light to shine from within?  If so, it might be time for an attitude adjustment!

On Sunday our pastor questioned all of us, Do you need an attitude adjustment.  Well!  You know when you hear something and it hits that nerve inside your chest and you just know you better pay attention!!  That is how I felt when our pastor said those words.  The past few weeks have been challenging, people have gone back on their word, agreements have been changed and work loads seemed like mountains to climb.

Most of the time the stresses we face come from outside situations, people we have to deal with, clients we have to appease.  But how can we change our attitudes to better handle the situation?  How can we prevent the doubt from creeping in?  How can we quiet that terrible voice that says, it is all too much to handle  or even worse I’m not _____(good/strong/smart/etc) enough.

Gratitude and Service!  By remembering to be thankful for all the abundance we have in our lives and to serve others when they need help.  It takes that focus off ourselves and let’s our light shine from within and connects back to the Source of all things.  Instead of putting our back to the light we turn toward the light.  When we are looking into the Light, the shadow disappears.

How are you standing in your own light?  Is the shadow of a doubt taking over your thoughts?  Let’s have a change in attitude today!  What are you grateful for, in the midst of a challenging situation?  Turn towards the light and shine!



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