Motivational Monday: Keep Going

MM: Keep Going

I was in shock, and then denial, and then fear, for at least a month when we first arrived to the UK.  Denial is why I didn’t blog about the fact that we went through hell at immigration.  In fact, it is still hard for me to tell you all, that we were harshly questioned for about 45 minutes at 2 am when we arrived in the UK.  In those moments the world was falling apart around me.  I love the UK, our home country has great relations with the UK, we are good people that are improving the economy not trying to leech off the system.  But the bottom line was that we were presenting immigration with a shift in consciousness, a shift in dimension and they didn’t like it.

I studied the laws, I knew we were and still are doing everything legally.  We have proof that we are not trying to live off the system, which we had to prove, by showing our health insurance and opening up our bank accounts. The officers opinion was, “You are thirty, you have your whole life to live.  You shouldn’t be traveling so much.  You should go back to your job in the US and just come for a week holiday.”  I kid you not, this is the obstacle we faced.

We were helped through powers known and unknown, at this point in our voyage.  We both know, without a doubt, this is where we are supposed to be right now, this is the path we are destined to walk in this moment.  We will keep going.  Plans have changed, but we are making new, more exciting plans for our return, that we would never have considered before our journey began.

Obstacles don’t have to mean STOP or give up.  They are merely the tests of life, questioning how much do you really want this?  Do you have the faith to pull through?  Can you recognize a different, possibly better solution?    Achieve success in the adventure you are on, by solving each problem as it comes.  Keep going, keep up, you can do this!

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