Motivational Monday: Just BE YOU

MM: just be you

How often are you distracted, discouraged or question your intuition based on what other people say?

One of the blessings of being on this journey is that all of those outside voices are gone.  But it becomes much more challenging when you are surrounded by people that know you or love you that want the best for you and add in their voices.

But this is your life to live, not someone else’s.  What feels right for you in your Soul or Spirit?  What is right for you personally?

Knowing what you feel is the right path for you or knowing what you love, is the first step.  The challenging part is then having the courage to follow that path.

I remember before this journey started, I was thinking about how badly I wanted to leave everything and travel.  I shared the idea with someone that I loved and respected, yet they shot the idea down.  I knew they were only thinking of my best interest, but that made the decision to commit to this journey just a little bit more challenging.  It doesn’t mean I respect that person any less or love them any less.  They just provided me with the lesson to listen to my own inner voice and not live by other people’s thinking.

Are you holding yourself back from a dream because of other people’s opinions or various dogmas?  I encourage you to listen to your heart.  Take courage.  And LIVE the LIFE you IMAGINE and DREAM OF!!!

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