Motivational Monday: It’s not the mountain

MM: It's not the mountain

On any journey it is not about climbing the highest mountain, hiking to the furthest village, seeing the rarest coin, or sailing around the globe.  It is about the inner journey that occurs.  It is about conquering the voice that says, “It is too difficult, turn back now, you will never make it.”  It is about conquering the self-doubt, the inner daemons, the ego that has it’s own agenda.  It is about discovering who you are when the comforts of the familiar are gone and how you react to situations when no one is watching.

We all reach those inner challenges, those mountains in the heart that seem impossible to overcome.  But is how we react to the breakdown.  Do we stay beaten down by our own negative voices or do we choose to conquer them?  Do we stand up after being covered in dirt and mud and keep going?  Or do we hide?

We have this false belief that it is about reaching the peak of the mountain and telling everyone, “I did it!  I made it!  I reached my goal!”

The growth of our spirit comes from the journey itself.  The goal is what helps get us there, but it is the experience we have while reaching that goal that matters, not the goal itself.  The journey is where the lessons are held, where the experiences of life grip our spirits and we discover what we are made of.  What kind of character we have when no one from home is watching.

Have you realized the mountain is an illusion?  It is simply there for the eyes.  The real journey is inside, better observed with the eyes shut.

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