Motivational Monday: Influencing Lives

MM Influencing Lives

“We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why.” – Stephen King

I just discovered this quote from Stephen King this morning and it really spoke to me.  We truly never know when we influence others, unless of course they tell us.

Last night we had a wonderful conversation with our adopted parents.  Tim & Sharon “adopted” Jon during his first trip to Pinehurst and since have “adopted” me as well.  They are also travelers on this adventure of life and are often moving from place to place.  During our conversation last night, they told us that they are moving back to Sarasota and part of the the reason was to be near us.  They have been avid followers and commenters on the blog and want to be close to us when we move back.  Talk about unexpected influence!

After we hung up the phone, we talked about what a blessing it will be to have even more family around when we move back.  Plus, Tim & Sharon “get us” and after being away for 10 months we have changed drastically and having friends that understand us is going to be such a huge help in the transition…so they will influence us as well.

There is also the negative side of influence.  That one snide comment that ends up sticking with someone for years or sometimes just a look that crushes someone’s hopes or dreams.  I am pretty sure we have all been on both sides of this equation, whether we realize it or not.

So how can we live our lives to be a source of positive influence?  So often we think of when we behaved or acted our worst and think how we can improve ourselves.  And that is a great lesson, but what about the opposite?  How about looking within when we are happy and positive and take note of why we are in that state.  Once we know what makes us happy or positive we are more easily able to spend more time in that state of being.  And when we are happy and positive we are more likely to positively influence others.

When have you influenced someone?  

I know for me personally when I start my day with meditation and prayer, the day flows better and I am more likely to be a positive influence.

How do you set your intention to positively influence or inspire those around you?

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